Hi! I'm Christy!

I am from Northern Ontario, and I was born Deaf to hearing parents. I am an advocate, globetrotter and a seeker of experiences. I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC with my Deaf husband, Scott and our young KODAs*, Quinn and Jett. We also share our home with our ball-obsessed dog, Bosco and two senior cats, Oreo and Dilly.

My obsessions are the colour turquoise, eating Thai Green Curry and Dairy Milk chocolate bars. I adore travel, especially checking things off my bucket list (YOLO anyone?!).

I established Elevenbee + Company when I realized there was a need for ASL resources for signing families, which has evolved into an outlet for my other creative projects. I hope to share it all with you as I continue to grow as a mom, creative, business owner, etc. etc. etc...

It is also my vision to share my language and spread awareness about Deaf culture + American Sign Language; as well create products that are culturally appropriate.

Thank you soooo much for being here - in this little place out of all the billions of websites out there.

Ever so grateful,

Christy Jeffery

*KODA = Kids of Deaf Adults

Family Picture: Scott in blue shirt holding Quinn in orange shirt. Christy in grey shirt holding Jet
Christy working on laptop.
Christy signing to Quinn
Headshot of Christy sitting on the chair.

Photo by Vicente Teng Photography