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ASL Slangs T-Shirts

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Our popular ASL Slangs are now available as a shirt!

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ASL Cards for Baby

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High contrast cards for babies in American Sign Language. This collection features six cards using the 5-handshape that represents nature.

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Hugs and Kisses Collection

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Our limited edition "Hugs and Kisses" collection is for everyone! Available until March 1, 2023.


Hi! I'm Christy Jeffery

I'm a globetrotting Deaf mama and the creative behind Elevenbee + Company. 

Elevenbee + Co. was established as a creative umbrella for all of the projects and ideas to provide more ASL resources to signing families like you.

I'm sooooo glad you're here.

Genevieve H.

“My brother just received his beautiful ASL cards for my3 week old niece in Australia. My daughter is deaf, so it was a little way to introduce her new cousin to the language!I’m thrilled that they made it all the way there and I think my brother and SIL think they are just as cool as I do. Thank you so much! 

Alysson D.

If you have any interest in American Sign Language you need these cards!!! Both my 3 year old and 3 month old cannot get enough of these cards! The artistry is beautiful, the cards are much thicker and more durable than I expected, and these are much more engaging to my children than the random b&w shape cards you can get elsewhere. Plus, it is extra sweet to see my 3yo showing my newborn the signs depicted 🥰

Dani M.

Always a pleasure buying and communicating with this owner! So personable and accommodating! Love her work and really love that she’s a deaf momma making awesome asl stuff! Cannot wait for her to make more! Thanks!

Thanks for


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