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Founded by a Deaf mama and inspired by her young children, Elevenbee + Company is a small shop for signing families
based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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Baby foot with ASL Baby Cards Fire, Tree, Mountain, Wind, Ocean and Rain

Hi! I'm sooooo happy to see you.

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ASL Baby Cards

Our self-published high-contrast cards in American Sign Language are available!

ASL Cards for Baby is the first of its kind, ever. Featuring six high-contrast cards in American Sign Language encourages visual stimulation and learning for babies. This set is an innovative way to promote your baby's visual development as they learn American Sign Language. 

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Before you get any further...

Hi! I'm Christy Jeffery!

I'm a globetrotting Deaf mama and the creative behind Elevenbee + Company. 

Elevenbee + Co. was established as a creative umbrella for all of the projects and ideas pouring from my mind, especially to provide more ASL resources to signing families like you.

I'm sooooo glad you're here.

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